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DBSA New Jersey

Improving the lives of persons living with mood disorders.


Support Groups

DBSA Support Groups provide a caring environment for people to come together to discuss their challenges and successes in living with the illness.

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Suicide Crisis

If you or someone you know suffers from depression or manic depression, you understand all too well its symptoms may include feelings of hopelessness.

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People who have mood disorders can more readily achieve wellness when they recognize the symptoms and understand the issues related to the conditions.

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DBSA Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance New Jersey is a state chapter of DBSA National and a networking organization of DBSA Support Groups in New Jersey. These groups provide Education, support, outreach and advocacy for people living with mood disorders in New Jersey.

The mission of DBSA is to promote, provide support and resources for, affiliated local chapters in New Jersey to help them improve the lives of people living with mood disorders. We promote our chapters’ Support Group Meetings and other events through our web site and by spreading the word at conferences. We exhibit at conferences for individuals with the disorders, family members, and others who are in a supporting role, and also at conferences for mental health professionals.

The goal is to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders by:

  • Nurturing the development of mood disorder support groups and providing mutual support and networking;
  • Educating residents about the nature of Mood Disorders as treatable medical illnesses;
  • Improving access to mental health services and increasing awareness about mental health issues; and
  • Acting as a link between the DBSA National office and its affiliated chapters and local support groups in New Jersey.



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