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The mission of DBSA New Jersey is to promote, and provide support and resources for, affiliated local chapters in New Jersey to help them improve the lives of people living with mood disorders. We promote our chapters’ support group meetings and other events through our web site and by spreading the word at conferences. We exhibit at conferences for individuals with the disorders, family members, and others who are in a supporting role, and also at conferences for mental health professionals.

We assist in starting up new chapters and meetings, and provide training for individuals to facilitate our support group meetings. We also assist our chapters in resolving issues they may face; and we act as an agent for the national organization in their relationship with our chapters. Our major event of the year is our conference for support group members which we’ve held annually since 2007.

DBSA New Jersey is run by a board of trustees whose membership includes representatives from all affiliated chapters choosing to participate, as well as at-large trustees appointed by the board.