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DBSA Princeton Begins Quarterly Presentations to Psychiatric In-Patients

By September 19, 2014February 25th, 2023New Jersey

On September 7, DBSA Princeton made our second presentation about our support group meetings to in-patients at a local psychiatric facility. We previously presented at the facility, which we don’t have permission at this time to identify, on June 15 and will continue these visits quarterly. A mental health counselor offered our group this opportunity to connect with patients to make them aware of the support from groups such as ours available to them after they are discharged. He observed that “We’re fortunate to have caring community partners such as yours to help make an impact.”

The meetings begin with an explanation of what happens at a support group meeting and how that helps, and our guiding principles and rules. For those who are interested in the experience, we then conduct a peer support meeting. Literature about DBSA support group meetings and how they work, and information on meeting locations and times in the New Jersey area are provided.

To date we have presented to 30 patients at the facility. Their response has been good, with those who participated in the support group meetings especially appreciative of how such support can help them towards wellness and thankful to have our meetings available to them.

The mental health counselor who arranged these visits went on to say that “DBSA’s presentations are conducted in a supportive and caring environment in which our patients feel comfortable asking questions and disclosing information about themselves. Through their attendance, our patients have been able learn about the benefits of participating in a support group directly from a peer who has been helped.”

DBSA Princeton is working with an additional psychiatric facility to present about our meetings. At the second location, we may have the opportunity to present to out-patients as well as in-patients, and also mental health staff.