Support & Education for Families & ”Patient”- Questions & Comments from audience follow lecture Since January 1986 — the first chapter in New Jersey. Please see our brochure for information about our group and about mood disorders.  Our support group meeting and lectures are handicap accessible.

Educational meetings in Morristown are on the last Wednesday of each month (earlier for Nov & Dec) at 7:45 PM at the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship Hall, 21 Normandy Heights Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Suggested fee is $4 ($7 for a family). Or become a member and attend for free.

In case of hazardous weather (all year) call 973-994-1143 after 6 PM to check for a cancellation message. If you don’t get through, try Mark’s cell at 973-768-9371.

Audio and Video Library

We have a FreeLibrary of audio CDs and video DVDs. You may browse our library on lecture days from 7:15 PM to 7:45 PM.

Jeff Brandler, our chapter’s professional adviser, is a licensed marriage and family therapist & Certified Addictions specialist. He treats people who have anxiety, unipolar & bipolar depression, alcohol and drugs or addiction issues. Some of his talks and handouts are available on his website.

Ivan Goldberg, M.D. was a pioneer in the field of psychiatry. He realized when he was working in the NIMH that psychodynamic treatments had little or no effect on serious mental illnesses. And he became one of the first clinical and research psychiatrists who realized that the new and better approaches to embrace were the psychopharmacological modalities. He was also one of the first to realize that many persons who had been diagnosed as schizophrenic were actually suffering from mood disorders—most especially, bipolar. So, often the modalities utilized actually exacerbated the patients’ conditions. As a friend of his since the late 1970s, I spent many thousands of hours with him and found him to be, perhaps, the most brilliant person whom I have ever known. Brilliant—yes—but no ivory tower faux intellectual—he was very pragmatic. And he encompassed a range of knowledge outside of his chosen field.[/message_box]

David Chowes, Professor of Psychology at Baruch College of the City University of New York

Program Begins at 7:45 PM. Doors open 7:00 PM. Audiotape & Video tape & Literature libraries open at 7:15 PM.