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Moving on Advocacy

By October 19, 2013February 22nd, 2020New Jersey

Our organization’s focus in New Jersey has been on support groups and education for our members. Following our national organization’s lead, DBSA New Jersey is adding advocacy to what we do. What that effort entails is be defined by our members who will lead our venture into advocacy—stay tuned.

But don’t wait for us. Demonstrate your support for the issues that affect our community by joining the conversation at Care for Your Mind where you can read and learn about our cause and, more important, participate by posting your comments and telling your stories. Your postings to this site will help us build the momentum to influence the public and decision makers, and, to be frank, win over potential benefactors who can contribute monetarily to our cause.

Have thoughts on how DBSA New Jersey should act on advocacy? Or how you can help? Make a comment here, or send us a note at

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