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Our advocacy workshop was a success serving as a great launch to our advocacy efforts. The workshop was led by Phyllis Foxworth, DBSA’s Director of Advocacy, with Allen Doederlein, DBSA’s President, also attending to inspire our efforts. Chris Chernick, President of DBSA New Jersey, has appointed board member Carol Rickard to chair our advocacy committee. If you are interested in helping with our efforts, please fill out form to the right or reach out to us at or 888-829-2483.

The workshop was held on June 7, 2014 at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick. Links to the workshop presentations are below:

Grassroots Advocacy and Advocacy Toolkit, Phyllis Foxworth, Director of Advocacy, DBSA

Mental Health Policy & Advocacy Issues, Nancy Pinkin, Assemblywoman, New Jersey Legislature

Advocacy Primer, Virginia Plaza, Advocacy and Government Affairs, Otsuka

Reducing Prejudice, Instilling Hope, Brenda Luccetti, Psychiatric Counselor