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Guest Speaker, Ms. Elizabeth Zuckerman

By August 16, 2009February 25th, 2023New Jersey

Ms. Elizabeth Zuckerman of Zuckerman & Fisher, L.L.C. gave a well received presentation on employment and workplace issues to our group on Tuesday, August 12. She explained what our rights are as employees under state and federal law. Though employees are not required to disclose any information to their employers about their medical condition, it is advisable to do so if you would like “reasonable accommodations” (e.g., adjustments in work environment or schedule) to be made under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Employers subject to the ADA (private employers with less than 15 employees are exempt) must make an effort to work out with you what those accommodations will be. Also, you are not obligated to disclose your condition during the hiring process if the condition would not prevent you from doing the job, but should do so after you are hired if you have a need for accommodations. Please check Workplace Fairness on our Links page for useful resources on the web.