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Depression and Support Alliance. Free literature available. Bookstore with discounts available to members.Depression Central
Satish Reddy, MD oversees this site. Contains medication information, information on mood disorders and much, much more.NARSAD Research
For Affective Disorders (Depression and Bipolar Disorder) and Schizophrenia

NY Mood Disorders Support Group
Has a roster of excellent speakers. Also, has a very good list of links.

Bipolar Genes
About Bipolar Disorder * Collaborative Research * Interview with Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD of Johns Hopkins. She has bipolar disorder. * Includes a half hour video hosted by Tony Dow of *Leave it to Beaver*.

The Columbia Bipolar Genetic Study
Studying generations of families with Bipolar Illness to find genes that cause this disorder in order to improve diagnosis, treatment, early intervention and prevention. Need at least 2 living members who have had manic episodes.

Mayo Clinic
Accurate, well-written. On Depression and mood disorder as well as many other subjects. Use search box. It will tell you which letter in the alphabet to use. Ex. Bipolar is (b).

Pediatric & Adolescent Psychiatry Assoc
Offers comprehensive and coordinated treatment for these children and their families.

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation
First Charitable Foundation devoted solely to funding the most promising research in the areas child-onset bipolar disorder.

The Bipolar Child
Janice and Demitri Papolos, MD website. Alot of very helpful information.

Ask Doctor Rudy
Dr. Howard Rudominer loves to answer questions. He is a Board Certified psychiatrist in Adults, Children and Adolescents.

Jeff Brandler
Jeff is a therapist and has spoken to our group many times. He has made it possible to hear 3 talks he gave to us along with handouts. Highly recommended.

NJ Self-help Group Clearinghouse
Self-help groups in NJ. Plus online groups not just NJ. For more than listed here call: 800-367-6274

resource child adolescence
factual information re children and adolescence Also see