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Thank you to all for making our Ninth Annual Conference on August 8, 2015 at the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro (UMCPP) a success! Adobe PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations and handouts are available from the links in the table below.  You also have access to our conference program. Audio snippets from our fantastic Naomi Sims Keynote Address by Hakeem Rahim may become available here…stay tuned!

Speaker Presentation (with links to PDF versions of PowerPoints and Handouts)
Jeffrey T. Apter, MD, Princeton Medical Institute and UMCPP  A 2015 Update on Psychotropics
Barbara Johnston, Mental Health Association in New Jersey Access to Behavioral Healthcare: Network Adequacy and Parity
(PowerPointCutting Edge—Access to Care, Network Adequacy Report, Insurance Resource Table)
Nathalie Edmond, Psy.D., Princeton House Overview of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Commit to Sit on Facebook: Dr. Edmond’s resource for helping people understand and apply mindfulness to their daily lives.

Allen Doederlein, DBSA Shifting the Focus from I to We
Chrissy Schayer, Mental Health Association in New Jersey Entering the Peer Workforce: A Brief Overview

This page was published on August 9, 2015